“Elephants ‘have few vices, are gentle, obedient, and patient’ . . . But despite their formidable size, their health can be rather fragile. In fact, ‘if neglected they rapidly go to pieces.’ . .

The African’s ears are enormous and wide –the biggest mammal ears in the world . . .the trunks provide the elephants with a sense of smell that may be five times more acute than that of a bloodhound . . . They have extraordinary brains built for memory and insight . . . to those who have spent time with them, elephants often seem philosophical and perceptive, and appear to have deep feelings.

They can cooperate with one another and have been known to break tusks trying to hoist injured relatives back on their feet. Further, their behavior suggests they have an understanding of death, something believed to be rare among nonhuman animals.

And then there’s their secret language. Using infrasound, which is too low-frequency for human hearing, elephants communicate with one another not just in close range, but also over long distances –as great as five miles. They can reach others far away, and decide to meet. Identifying this sound in the 1980s explained a lot of the mysteriously coordinated movements of widely separated elephants, which to some researchers, witnessing it from the air, resembled some kind of elephant ESP.”

–Vickie Constant Croke on Billy Williams aka Elephant Bill

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