About Prescriptive Reading

Hi – I’m Georgia, and I use dashes a lot.

This blog started as a collection of the Reader’s Reports I wrote on assignment after my interviews for entry-level editorial assistant roles at various publishing houses. Now, it’s where I put down my thoughts of the books I’m currently reading – mostly on how the authors created the characters and actually wrote the work, not so much on plot or content. For me it’s about good writing, characterization, and voice. I can appreciate any genre but am particularly drawn to female authors with a distinct voice and commercial edge, especially dark fiction with a twist. Currently, I’m trying to get into historical fiction hence my to-read section – I loved Kristin Hannah’s Nightingale, but who didn’t?

I also love true crime podcasts – MFM, Serial, Someone Knows Something -, documentaries – The Keepers! -, and any sort of fun fact that’s science, animal, or nutrition related.

Would LOVE recommendations – always looking for agreeable ways of ignoring life.

All-in-all I’m just a twenty-something trying to find the right path while getting lost in stories along the way.

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