Rx: ARCADIA by Iain Pears

ARCADIA is a work of science fiction with a literary twist. The story opens with three different moments in time that are artfully woven together in a captivating narrative told from multiple perspectives. The first occurs in 1960s England where we encounter Henry Lytten, a scholar, writer, and semi-retired spy who worked on behalf of British... Continue Reading →

Rx: THE LIFE INTENDED by Kristin Harmel

When I was working in publishing, I used to take all the free books offered to me like candy. Only now I’ve found my apartment cluttered in cheap-looking galleys. In an effort to purge my bad collector’s habit, I cracked open THE LIFE INTENDED by Kristin Harmel. THE LIFE INTENDED is typical ‘chick-lit’ that will... Continue Reading →

Rx: DOCTRINE OF CHANCES by Sarah Tueting

DOCTRINE OF CHANCES is part inspirational memoir, part true crime drama that tells the story of a family’s unexpected plight, when they learn that their night nurse has been abusing their infant twins, and the slow recovery process that follows. Sarah Tueting, a former Olympic hockey player with a neuroscience degree from Dartmouth and MBA... Continue Reading →

Rx: PARADISE CITY by Elizabeth Day

PARADISE CITY by Elizabeth Day is a work of literary fiction that strictly-commercial readers won't hate. Though not traditionally plot driven, the crux of the story hinges on a murder. Day never ceases to amaze me with her masterful descriptions of the world around her. She is keenly observant, and it seems as though she can... Continue Reading →

Rx: THE CUTAWAY by Christina Kovac

Christina Kovac’s THE CUTAWAY is a political thriller with a feminist edge, but it is also a work of upmarket women’s fiction that will appeal to the book club set. Virginia Knightly is a successful evening news producer, and in the decline of TV news, she must work every angle, both day and night, to... Continue Reading →

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