Rx: REUNION by Beth Brophy

REUNION is a work of upmarket women’s fiction that tells the story of three childhood friends whose reunion leads them to dish out old secrets, admit their failures, and come to new understandings of themselves as they avoid making the same mistakes they made in their past. Despite going in three vastly different directions, each... Continue Reading →

Rx: THE DOLLHOUSE by Fiona Davis

THE DOLLHOUSE by Fiona Davis is a work of historical women’s fiction, in which the past and present are tied together by the iconic Barbizon Hotel and a handful of mysterious inhabitants that remained long after the hotel was converted into condos. Told from the perspectives of two women living in Manhattan during two different time periods,... Continue Reading →


Sarah Maine’s THE HOUSE BETWEEN THE TIDES is typical chick-lit. It's commercial women's fiction with a mysterious family saga at its core. The novel alternates between two generations of the same families—one in the 1890s the other in 2010. In the opening chapters, Harriet Deveraux travels to Bhalla Island to assess her inherited estate for renovation... Continue Reading →


MRS. HOUDINI'S RENDEZVOUS by Victoria Kelly is a haunting work of historical women’s fiction about the love shared by Bess and Harry Houdini that outlasted death itself in his greatest trick of all—communicating to Bess through a series of photographs after his premature passing. Kelly has created a compelling plot that provides insights into the Houdini’s... Continue Reading →

Rx: ARCADIA by Iain Pears

ARCADIA is a work of science fiction with a literary twist. The story opens with three different moments in time that are artfully woven together in a captivating narrative told from multiple perspectives. The first occurs in 1960s England where we encounter Henry Lytten, a scholar, writer, and semi-retired spy who worked on behalf of British... Continue Reading →

Rx: THE LIFE INTENDED by Kristin Harmel

When I was working in publishing, I used to take all the free books offered to me like candy. Only now I’ve found my apartment cluttered in cheap-looking galleys. In an effort to purge my bad collector’s habit, I cracked open THE LIFE INTENDED by Kristin Harmel. THE LIFE INTENDED is typical ‘chick-lit’ that will... Continue Reading →

Rx: DOCTRINE OF CHANCES by Sarah Tueting

DOCTRINE OF CHANCES is part inspirational memoir, part true crime drama that tells the story of a family’s unexpected plight, when they learn that their night nurse has been abusing their infant twins, and the slow recovery process that follows. Sarah Tueting, a former Olympic hockey player with a neuroscience degree from Dartmouth and MBA... Continue Reading →

Rx: PARADISE CITY by Elizabeth Day

PARADISE CITY by Elizabeth Day is a work of literary fiction that strictly-commercial readers won't hate. Though not traditionally plot driven, the crux of the story hinges on a murder. Day never ceases to amaze me with her masterful descriptions of the world around her. She is keenly observant, and it seems as though she can... Continue Reading →

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